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Hello and welcome to our website!

If you are already a member of IJ Alumni, we hope that you will spend some time browsing through our pages, and perhaps consider if you could contribute some of your time and talent.

If you are not a member yet, we hope that these pages will pique your interest and you can join us!

Why join the Alumni?

The Alumni hopes to bring and connect all old girls of IJ, forming not only a link with one another but with our alma mater and its current students.

In this way, we hope to give back to the school that has played a big part in shaping and enriching our lives.

A question that often gets asked is " why do I have to pay for membership ? "

The work that the Alumni does is purely on a voluntary basis. The once-off payment is for life membership. Youth members pay a sum of $10 which can be converted to life membership on turning 22 years and paying the balance.

Fees collected are our only source of income. These go towards funding the activities we organize, eg Arts Jam 2009, Chinese New year Outing for IJ sisters and IJ home residents, student development programmes, pre -exam mass etc.

Our financial commitments also include alumni awards to both the secondary and primary schools.

We have been fortunate to have had many generous donations form old girls.

As we look forward to 2014 when our school turns 160 years, we want to continue to build upon our rich heritage.

We want to claim our identity of being an IJ girl: one who is articulate ( read ability to talk non-stop!), caring, compassionate, civic -minded, poised.

We want the IJ spirit to flame on and transcend all generations, that undefinable heart beat that courses through a true blue IJ girl.

Here's wishing God's richest blessings on each and everyone of us!



Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for NRIC/FIN numbers

In line with PDPA, from 1 September 2019, the CHIJ Alumni will only be collecting the last 4 characters of NRIC. i.e. 3 digits and alphabet for membership registration.

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