CHIJ Alumni Singapore

30 May 2019

Dear all,

You might have received messages stating that allegedly in the wake of 165 IJ celebrations, the CHIJ Alumni doesn't have enough funds to cover cost.

Please note that this is NOT TRUE and is INACCURATE!

The Alumni is NOT in any way appealing for funds for the Combined Founder's Day Eucharistic Celebration, the 165th Anniversary Dinner nor IJ Mission.

The bag sale started as purely an internal process as many old girls wanted to buy it as a commemorative item.

This is NOT a fundraising exercise. We have since stopped taking orders.

Thank you.




Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for NRIC/FIN numbers

In line with PDPA, from 1 September 2019, the CHIJ Alumni will only be collecting the last 4 characters of NRIC. i.e. 3 digits and alphabet for membership registration.

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