Alumni is a word from the latin: literally meaning “student” or “nourish”. I particularly like this concept of nourishment; we have been nurtured by our alma mater and in return, we seek to “give back” what we have received; passing on the flame so to speak.

The CHIJ Alumni aims to be the glue that binds both present and past students ; forming an intangible bond
that embodies living out our school motto of “simple in virtue, steadfast in duty”.

We live in a world vastly different from when CHIJ was first established in Singapore in 1854. Yet the “IJ spirit,” being an “IJ girl”, the assurance that “an IJ friend is a friend for life” stay with us.

As you take time to look through our website, think of how you can respond and contribute.

Welcome to the IJ family!

Claire Ang
CHIJ Alumni