“IJ Friends are Friends for Life”

Dear Members, Family and Friends of the CHIJ Community,
As CHIJ looks forward to celebrating our 170th anniversary in 2024, we are reminded of the generations of IJ girls who have benefited from being grounded in the IJ Values. These values instil in us a strong sense of identity, making us IJ Friends for Life.
CHIJ Alumni provides the network and platform for bringing past and present students together, to preserve the IJ community spirit, long after graduating from the school. We continue to strengthen our network with the school, youth members, mothers, career ladies, and our extended IJ community (including IJHCC) to keep the IJ spirit burning bright, ever seeking and ever serving.
The activities we help to organise include career seminars for the graduating cohort, Fiesta, mentorship programme, networking events, reunion dinners and outings for the children at IJHCC. Through these events, past IJ girls share their valuable experiences with our present girls, in turn maintaining our rich, common heritage.
Our CHIJ Alumni committee is made up of dedicated ladies who continuously seek to serve and give back to our school and the CHIJ community, in spite of busy careers and family lives. We are also very appreciative of the CHIJ principals who have been so supportive of the alumni’s activities.
“Simple in Virtue, Steadfast in Duty” - Our CHIJ school motto binds every single one of us CHIJ girls together, an identity that shines through in everything we do in life. Let us continue the legacy of the IJ spirit, allowing it to stretch far and far beyond!
Dr Lena Ng
CHIJ Alumni