Introducing the alumni executive committee:

PresidentDr Lena Ng
Vice President Ms Candy Lee
Honorary Treasurer Ms Nicole Tan
Asst. Honorary Treasurer Ms Gillian Tay
Honorary Secretary Ms Deborah Yue
Asst. Honorary Secretary Ms Janice Loh
Member 1Ms Stephanie Seow
Member 2Ms Brenda Tay
Member 3Ms Sharon Loh
Member 4Ms Ada Ee
Member 5Dr Claire Ang
Auditor 1 Ms Quek Wei Lee

2023 SUB-Committee

Introducing the alumni sub-committee:

Member 1 Ms Candice Seet
Member 2 Ms Carrie Ann Mathews
Member 3 Ms Bernadette Wong
Member 4 Ms Vidhya Nair
Member 5 Ms Michelle Liew