CHIJ Alumni Mentorship Programme

Throughout the years, CHIJ has produced women of distinction with many excelling in their chosen fields. With this mentorship programme, we aim to form a community of IJ alumni, creating opportunities to tap onto the vast array of experience and talents. This would serve as a platform for members to expand their professional network.


Phase 1: Focus - Group Mentoring in our “IJ Conversations” series.

For our inaugural IJ CONVERSATION, we have lined up a panel of distinguished speakers who will discuss:



Ms Deborah Ho
Ms Bernadette Ho
Ms Carrie Kan
Moderator: Ms Pam Ho


Thursday 22 April 2021
7.30pm -9.00 pm
Via Zoom

Panel discussion followed by Q and A session

Feedback from Mentees/Mentors

Thank you to all our mentors and mentees who participated in the inaugural IJ CONVERSATIONs (Phase 1) series. The event was held on 22 April 2021, followed by 3-6 months of 1-on-1 or group coaching sessions by the mentors. All the mentees who participated were greatly blessed by the experience. Below are some of their comments. The CHIJ Alumni is looking to replicate something similar in second half of 2022. Do stay tuned.

Bernadette Ho (Mentor)

“As a certified and practising coach, I sense God’s calling when I was informed about the IJ Mentorship Program. Volunteering as a mentor in the IJ Mentorship Program for 3 mentees has been nothing but fulfilling. Knowing that I am able to impact the lives of fellow IJ alumni gives me great joy. It is amazing how we are ages apart but there is something unexplainable deep inside that makes us alike in a certain way. Maybe it’s the foundational values imbued in us in our formative years, learning and growing up in CHIJ. Each mentee is in a different phase of their life, hence facing very different challenges. Their openness, humility, and eagerness to learn, have enabled them to gain insights and excel in their own ways. It’s amazing to see how they have developed over these 6 months. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the journey, of 3 more IJ girls.”

Lau Ying Xin Maxine Cassandra (Mentee)

“This was an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about leadership from Ms Bernadette Ho, who had helped me to really organize my thoughts and goals for the future. She gave me great advice and skills that will follow me for life. For the next batch of mentees, take this opportunity to gain more self-awareness and be enlightened with the wealth of knowledge and camaraderie from the mentors!”

Yvonne To (Mentee)

“A big thank you to the CHIJ Alumni Association for organizing this mentoring program which brought us together. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to learn under Deborah's mentorship and guidance. Her positivity, grit and kindness inspires me to continue to pursue self-improvement and to give back to the IJ community."